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Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a destiny of Costa Rica that combines the beach with rich natural resources, being the Manuel Antonio National Park its main attraction.

Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio is one of the most famous and visited touristic zones of Costa Rica. It is located on the central Pacific coast of the country, in the province of Puntarenas. Time ago Manuel Antonio was a small town located near a national park. But with the pas of the time the area became famous because of its great natural resources and beautiful beaches. There were firstly just a few small and family owned hotels. However, over the years big buildings have been constructed in the area and nowadays Manuel Antonio is considered as one of the most expensive destinations in Costa Rica. The town is relatively small, which has forced many hotels and resorts to settle down in its surroundings or on hills with a panoramic view to the coast. Manuel Antonio is just 157 km away from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and 7km from downtown Quepos. Manuel Antonio National Park is located between Damas and Matapalo. It was established on November 15th, in 1972 and includes a surface of 1,983 hectares of land and 55,000 hectares of marine extension. The park is formed with white sands and green foliages over big mountains. The access is easily accessible through a paved highway. About the fauna we can mention the white face monkey as the most common primate in the place, but also others animals such as the raccoon, pizote, two fingers sluggish and iguanas. There are beautiful beaches near the park; Playa Manuel Antonio, Escondido, Espadilla Sur and Playita. They are all characterized by long beach extensions and natural swimming pools with crystalline water, excellent for snorkeling. Manuel Antonio beach and Playa Espadilla are divided by a natural rock bridge that has been accumulated over the time. Most of the hotels and restaurants are located in Espadilla beach. Share:
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