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Hotels in Monteverde Costa Rica. Resorts and lodges in the cloud forest. Compare prices and book safe on-line.

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Enjoy adventure tours like canopy, rafting, horseback riding, mountain bike and others.

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About Monteverde

In the heart of Costa Rica is located the Monteverde Cloud Forest, working as a natural lung due a long extension of rainforest, near a town that has maintained its natural beauty intact as Santa Elena Costa Rica is.

In Monteverde Costa Rica all visitors experiment the sense of breathing fresh and completely natural air, listening the pure sound of the forest and everything it owns like life. These are the true reasons why a destination like Monteverde is visited.

There is a long list of Monteverde Hotels, all with characteristics and services to offer for any type of classes and needs. Most of the Accomodations in Monteverde do not own swimming pools due the fresh climate of the place. In fact, the air conditioned is not necessary. By the other hand, they offer great atmospheres of peace and tranquillity next to a chimney while you take the best coffee of Costa Rica.

Also there are many Tours in Monteverde, all of them keepi"ng always an adventure touch and surrounded by the nature of the area. Some of the Monteverde Tours we can mention are, The Hiking Guided Tour to the Reserves, the Canopy Tour in Monteverde and the Monteverde ATV Tour.

Whenever a tourist zone is visited by the first time, it is good a good idea to take all the necessary information to enjoy all attractiveness at maximum. For that reason a Monteverde Map would be perfect to guide you. There is also thousands of Monteverde Photos on Internet to have a clear idea of the place you visit.

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