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The following are answers to some questions upon making a La Fortuna hotel reservation in the Arenal Volcano area by FortunaWelcome.

Questions about the Hotels in Arenal

Questions about the Reservation Process

1- Do all Hotels have a view to the Arenal Volcano?

80% of the Hotels in the Arenal Volcano area have a view to the active Volcano side. 15% of the hotels in the Arenal Volcano area have a view to the green side of the Volcano and 5% of the hotels are further away, but boast an incredible view of the Arenal Lake and a lovely distant view of the Volcano. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of these treasures distinctively depending on where your Hotel is located.

2- Do the Hotels in the Arenal area offer quality service?

All of the hotels in the Arenal area that you see on our web site have passed an extensive quality control test by our agency. We offer only the best quality hotels in the area. Your choices are from luxury Hotels to smaller lovely hotels. Yet all offer top quality and first class service.

You choose how extreme you would like your Hotel to be.
Either way you can rest assure that can recommend any of the Hotels that you see on our Website. As they have all been personally chosen by us.
If you have a comment you would like to share about a specific hotel please comment on the comment box next to the hotel.

3- Do the Hotel rates on the web site include taxes?

The rates of the Arenal area hotels that appear in our website (, do Not include Costa Rican taxes (13%). However you will be able to calculate the final price of each rate with just a click on a link placed under the same ones.

No hidden or additional cost will be added to your final bill. But you should consider the notes at the end of each hotel.

4- How many seasons exist in Costa Rica?

Normally there are only two seasons for you to enjoy in Costa Rica. High season and Low season.
All hotels offer two different rates. High season is naturally more expensive and Low season offers better deals on Hotels. This is very important for you to remember when planning your vacation to Costa Rica.

For example Christmas and Easter are considered high season and reservations must be made far in advance to secure a hotel reservation.

5- What are my activity options while staying in a Hotel in the Arenal area?

You have several activities that are offered in the area.
For example: Waterfall hikes, Volcano hikes, bike tour to the National Park, Cave tours, Safari tours, bird watching, canopy tours, class III rafting, canyoning, ATV 4x4 tours, hanging bridges tour, Rio Celeste hike, fresh water fishing in Lake arenal, hot springs, massages, hands on cultural experiences in the Arenal Area.

And much much more...
+ Arenal Volcano Tours
+ Arenal Volcano Hot springs

6- How do I arrive to the Hotel? Is there transportation available?

Every hotel in the area offers a local map to help you find you way around. Most hotels find themselves within a 10 km radius, thus making is easy to find your way around.
You can also use the Costa Rica map if necessary to find the distance between La Fortuna and the capital of Costa Rica "San Jose".
+ Maps of Costa Rica and Arenal

If you are in need of private transportation or wanting to rent a vehicle while staying, can make things easier and faster by offering you this service also.
For more information please see our Transportation in Arenal section.

7- Is it secure to reserve on line with

Of course it is SECURE.

In our web site ( we offer our clients top security back up. We offer a coded security system that protects our customer's personal information from anyone other than personnel.

The lock on the right hand side of the reservation page can verify this security system.

This lock indicates that all of your personal information including your credit card information is strictly confidential. You can rest assure that you and your personal information is safe with

8- Will my personal information be protected from third parties?

No need to worry. You can rest assure that your personal data and your credit card information are strictly confidential. No one other than will ever have access to your information.

9- Will my credit card be charged once my reservation has been confirmed?

Once you have confirmed your reservation will not charge your credit card until 30 days prior to your hotel arrival date. Any reservation made less than 30 days prior to arrival date will be charged in full upon confirmation from the client on the total amount to be paid.

Please note that no charge will be made until reservation confirmation has been made and hotel has confirmed availability.

10- How far ahead do I need to reserve to guarantee Hotel Availability?

We recommend you reserve several months ahead of time. Especially if you plan on visiting Costa Rica during the High Season.
As it is very difficult to reserve during these months. Especially during Christmas, New Year and Easter. Remember that the total amount will be charged only 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Don't be afraid to plan ahead of time. Choose your favorite Hotel and rest assure that if you plan ahead you will have no problem in guaranteeing you Hotel availability.

11- How do I go about making a Hotel Reservation?

a. First you must fill out the reservation information form.
b. Second you must fill out the credit card information (Remember your information is SAFE with
c. Then finalize your reservation information.

Then What?

d. One of our agents will make the reservation for you. Shortly you should receive an e-mail from us including the total amount due and your hotel Reservation Confirmation.
e. Finalize your second stage for your Reservation Process.
f. 30 days prior to your arrival you should receive an e-mail including your hotel Reservation Receipt.

12- What happens if I make a hotel reservation 30 or fewer days prior to arrival?

Don't worry; you can make your Reservation with no problem. will not charge your credit card until the hotel has confirmed availability and you have accepted the total amount charged.

13- What happens if I choose to cancel my Reservation?

a. Cancellations made between 8 to 30 days prior to arrival, will be charged the first night.
b. Cancellations made 7 days or less prior to arrival will not receive refunds.
c. "No Show" will assess a penalty of full charge of your reservation.

14- When does FortunaWelcome have the right to cancel a Reservation? reserves the right to cancel any Reservation that is lacking proper billing information or inadequate billing information.

If the credit card to be billed is lacking enough funds, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Proper authorization must be sent by the customer authorizing to charge the total amount due.

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