Car Boat Car Arenal-Monteverde

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Car Boat Car Arenal-Monteverde
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Car-Boat-Car is the more used way by all the visitors to move from Monteverde to Arenal Volcano and vice versa. It is a quick and practical transport that also allows you to enjoy an outstanding attraction of the area, the Arenal Lake.

First, we left La Fortuna or Monteverde in a minibus that will take us until the Arenal Lake, where for around an hour we will be on board until the other side of the lagoon. By this way you?ll get faster than driving.

Finally, on the other side of the lagoon, a minibus will be waiting to take you to your destiny in Monteverde or La Fortuna. Spending at all-around 3 hours and having the possibility of appreciating during the trip the amazing Arenal Volcano.

What is included?

Logistics information for the tour

Duration: 3 hours
Price per person: Adult: $30 / Child: $30

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What to Bring for the Tour

  • • Comfortable clothes
  • • Camera
  • • Mosquito repellent

See What Others Have to Say About the Travel Experience

Fast and economical, but not so comfortable
Sandra Dobberstein Dobberstein
We booked the car-boat-car to take us across Arenal Lake from LaFortuna to Monteverde. We were picked up 10 minutes late and stopped at several other resorts to pick up people (which we knew would happen). Our 8 passenger van had every seat full including a toddler (making 9). Luckily, the ride was short. You have to carry your own luggage down a small rocky trail to the boat. The boat rid e was smooth and a guide talked a lot about what we were seeing (????). Several vans were waiting to take us to various locations. Our 8 passenger van had 3 people squished in the back seat with scant leg room, 2 in the middle seat, and a passenger in the front with the driver. We noticed a (llarge) tour guide hoping to hitch a free ride to town and initially decided he didn't want to sit in the middle of the middle seat in out van. Eventually he joined us and wanted a woman to take the middle. She refused. He reluctantly sat in the middle. 90 minutes of being a sardine along bumpy, unpaved roads was torture! I understand fuel economy, but this was ridiculous!... (read more)
Colleen Lacroix
I took this from the Arenal area to Monteverde, it is great! You go from your door, to boat, to car, to door. SO WORTH IT when you are moving from one accommodation to another with your luggage! The boat ride is a tour unto itself, as well as the drives on both sides. Did I mention how worth it it was?! It is. I really appreciated the service, thank you to all involved in getting me from one ar ea to the next.

I highly recommend using this service
... (read more)
Car-Boat-Car from La Fortuna to Mountverde
Ronald Landingham
Excellent service and a nice trip across the lake saving many hours if we had gone by bus.
Important notes
- The pick-up time at your hotel will be indicated in the voucher. It depends on the hotel's location.
- Please add $25 per person if the pick-up is at Observatory Lodge, The Springs Resort or Linda Vista Hotel.
- Price per person (USD).
- All taxes are already included in the price, eliminating any unexpected additional costs.
- Children rate: between 2-11 years old.

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