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Puerto Viejo Limon

Puerto Viejo is located in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and belongs to the province of Limon, one of the main commercial ports of this country.

Puerto Viejo Limon
Puerto Viejo is a small town that owns a big variety of beaches in its surroundings, which make it a very rich destination to visit. Thanks to its rich culture and friendly people, mostly black race, this port is one of the places in Costa Rica that has maintained its life style. In the downtown it is very easy to appreciate and to recognize the traditions and customs of a group of people who dedicate their lifes especially to fishing. Puerto Viejo belongs to Talamanca, one of the main towns of the Limon province. Limon, is in Costa Rica the main land extension where affro-caribean culture takes place, since it was influenced by the immigrants of the Caribbean people who came to make the railroad to the Atlantic. Later they remained in our earth. Near Puerto Viejo there are two valuable National Parks, they are: Gandoca Manzanillo and Cahuita. The Wildlife Refuge Gandoca Manzanillo is a tropical rainforest located near the limit with Panama and it protects a long variety of Flora and Fauna of the region that are in extinction danger. The National Park Cahuita owns 5,303 hectares of extension that is characterized by its white sand beaches an endless line of Coconut trees on the coast. As the bigger attraction there is found the brain choral that blooms in the diverse aquatic forests of the park. About the commerce and the night life, the Puerto Viejo town has a big variety and absolutely an unique style in all Costa Rica. It owns many discotheques, all of them Caribbean style, by their reggae Roots. In addition we can find Banks, Restaurants with typical and international menu, drugstores, souvenirs and supermarkets. Some places or tourist destinies close Puerto Viejo are: Tortuguero (2 hours), Sarapiqui (2,5 Hours), Arenal La Fortuna (4 Hours), San Jos? (3,5 Hours). Share:
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