Arenal Pics

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Arenal Pics

As the stranger climate in our country the Arenal’s area is not the exception. That is a reason why picture lovers get not easy to capture good pics for the majestic Arenal Volcano who is amazing without clouds, in spite of a clear day, this volcano can go from a great top view to just a cloudy mountain in a short time.

volcano pics

In Costa Rica we do not have well defined the climatic seasons, however, there are two major ones that classically mark this tropical country: rainy and dry. Being a tropical place, the rain use to be present most time of the year, getting drier principally from January to May. These are important months to visit La Fortuna and enjoying photos of the Arenal Volcano, from anywhere you stay, like the park in downtown, a Hotel or the Arenal Lake. By the other hand is very flexible to get sunny some mornings or afternoons while the rest months of the year.


Every moment the volcano is cleared and I am just surrounding is good for getting new images for my personal album.

I'm the CIO & co-founder of I love to play soccer, fishing and travel. I'm also passionate in taking pictures of my lovely Costa Rica, especially the nature.

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  1. Great images Mr. Omer. I will be waiting for more photos of the Volcan Arenal in your album.

    Pura Vida!

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