Paradise Hot Springs

Thermal mineral waters from the Arenal Volcano
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Paradise Hot Springs
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Thermal information

The hot springs themselves are a true wonder of nature. The mineral-rich waters flow from deep within the earth, heated by the volcanic activity in the region. These natural hot springs are not only a delight to soak in but also offer numerous health benefits. The warm water helps to relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve stress. It's the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Enjoyed since ancient times. Our thermal water is a natural wonder, heated by the Arenal Volcano. Explore our pools and hot springs tubs and heal your body and relax your soul in the process.

Palma Real Pool
With a hydromassage waterfall, the depth ranges from 0m to 1.65m and a temperature of 36/37o Celsius. It has a "beach style" entrance that allows access for wheelchair users
Depth: 0/1.65m
Temperature: 36oC-37oC.

Papyrus Pool
It has submerged benches and a light hydromassage waterfall.
Depth: 0.6/0.8m
Temperature: 38oC-40oC.

Ginger Jacuzzi/SPA
Jacuzzi surrounded by gardens with capacity for 9 people. Provides high-tech vortex-type hydromassage for the mid-back and calves.
Depth: 0.6/0.8m
Temperature: 38oC-40oC.

Pangea Pool
Beach-style entrance and an internal cold-water island-type pool. It also has submerged beds, a hydromassage waterfall and a raised terrace with comfortable seating areas.
Depth: 0/1.3m
Temperature: 36oC-37oC.

Phoenix Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi surrounded by tropical landscaping with granite edges, capacity for 7 people.
Temperature: 37oC.

Guaria Pool
Natural stone complex with capacity for 15 people. It has 2 waterfalls and multiple jets of
hydromassage for the soles of the feet.


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