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Arenal Volcano Hotels in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica. The best Resort and Lodge in Costa Rica surrounded by the Arenal Volcano. All hotels have a beautiful view to Volcano.

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Enjoy adventure tours like canopy, rafting, horseback riding, mountain bike and others.
Hike & Nature

Hike & Nature

$1104 hours
Arenal Canopy Tour

Arenal Canopy Tour

$452.5 hours
Arenal ATV Tour

Arenal ATV Tour

$853.5 hours
Celeste River Hike

Celeste River Hike

$1058.5 hours
Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching Tour

$603.5 hours
Sky Limit

Sky Limit

$844 hours
Arenal Highlights

Arenal Highlights

$15010 hours

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About La Fortuna de San Carlos

The first inhabitant that had the District of La Fortuna arrived to these lands in the year 1930, it was the Martial Nicaraguan Jarquin, seated initially in what is today known as Treasury the Fortuna River.

In 1932 other inhabitants arrived among them Elias Koper, Alberto Quesada, Juana Vargas Ricardo Quiros, Jose Garro, Rufino and Isolina Quesada, Juan Ledesma, Red Porfirio, Julio Murillo and others that little by little left seating, product of the fame the lands acquired.

Initially this community was a village of the District of The Angeles of San Ramon and it was until the year 1950 when along whit La Tigra, was concreted a movement that concludes with a plesvicito where for their will the inhabitants decide to belong in the future to San Carlos' Canton.

This community was known by the name of the Burio, and because of the quality of the lands, the neighbors changed name and called "La Fortuna".
The first residents of the thirties classified the Area like one of the most dangerous. Eight of the first inhabitants mentioned got killed, among them Lupicio Quesada who died in an intent to arrive to those lands.

In the year 1952 together with the Tigra, La Fortuna was declared district number seven of San Carlos. It is starting from this date when the district begins to flourish and little by little becomes one of the most important at productive level of the area.

In 1968 the Arenal Volcano, which until then was an inoffensive hill, erupted and buried the community of Pueblo Nuevo and killing more than a hundred inhabitants. The lands of the District lost a lot of value and many of their residents left the place. However, little by little, spectaculared eruptions of the Volcano attracted tourists and with asphaltation of the highway in the year 1982, La Fortuna begins to experience a transformation, passing from an agricultural activity to the tourism, that nowadays is the one main generator of resources in the area.

This is the way La Fortuna was born:
The district of La Fortuna was founded by Mr. Elias Koper, who arrived to the area in the year 1932, other founders were Red Porfirio, Martial Jarquin, Alberto Quesada, Juana Vargas, Jose Garro, Rufino and Isolina Quesada, Juan Ledezma, Julio Murillo and other.
La Fortuna is the district number seven of San Carlos' canton, it is located to 46 kilometers of Ciudad Quesada, embraces an area of 225 kilometers squares and has a population of 5.707 inhabitants.

La Fortuna has a school and great quantity of schools at the moment in all the villages, for their blessing of being a district of enormous tourist attractiveness, the population has had to go getting ready in different fields to receive the national tourists and foreigners.

It's potential at the moment is the cattle raising, although already the tourism is displacing him as source of revenues, but to have highly productive lands in La Fortuna you can cultivate almost everything.

La Fortuna limits whit Monterrey, Tilaran, La Tigra, Monte Verde and Florencia.

In this district there are all the comforts that a person needs for living, also this town offers Hotels of high quality to the visitors, Restaurants and it's beautiful natural attractiveness such as the Arenal Volcano, the Arenal lake, La Fortuna Waterfall, among others tours.

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