Lava Walk at Arenal Volcano National Park

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Lava Walk at Arenal Volcano National Park

The lava walk at Arenal National Park is a unique opportunity to experience an active volcano in all its magnificence. The walk itself is a leisurely half hour walk arriving at an extensive lava field, formed in the massive explosions of 1968. Once on the lava, the proximity of the volcano is breath taking. The volcano is constantly spewing lava.

House sized boulders can be seen careening down the sides at tremendous speeds. It makes a sound like a large dump truck spilling a load of gravel. Personally I’ve done the lava walk four times and each and every time I am awe struck yet again.

Arenal Volcano Crater
Arenal Volcano Crater
Scott Trescott, a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduated in 2002 and immediately moved to Costa Rica. He established the only professional chiropractic clinic in San Carlos and serves a population of nearly 200,000. Scott has a passion for travel having visited over 50 countries across the globe. Costa Rica has been his residence for the past 7 years and he adores his life in a tropical paradise. Some of his hobbies include cave exploration, hardcore off-roading, swimming, yoga, kayaking, weight lifting and unicycling. He also enjoys nature photography and has done many trips with his good friend Willy Rios seeking that “perfect shot.”

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  1. thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking for recent information on lava flow at Arenal. We are planning a trip in January. Can you tell me the last time you were there?

  2. Hello Katie. I live in the area. We have two climatic seasons in Costa Rica. Rainy and dry.
    It’s more common to see the Volcano cleared in the mornings, around 6am.

  3. The lava flow has been on the side where The Observatory Lodge is located for some time now. Good luck

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